Our Future

BEDs Smart Grid Project

In 2009, BED, working with the rest of the state's utilities, the Department of Public Service, the Office of Recovery and VELCO, submitted a grant application for Smart Grid funding. In 2010, our group was awarded $69 million in Federal grant funds, known as the Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG).  

"With easy-to-use tools - such as simple online displays of the information smart meters provide about use and prices and set-to-forget home energy management tools - consumers will be able to make choices that lower bills and shrink their environmental footprint."
-Environmental Defense Fund

Smart Grid is a nationwide initiative that uses the latest tools and technology to help our electricity grid run more efficiently, provide more reliable service, give you greater control over your electricity usage and lower costs for everyone. Burlington was lucky to be in the forefront of this effort and very lucky to have half of the project paid for with the SGIG grant.

Thanks to this Federal funding we have modernized our electricity delivery system so that it is working better for all of us. Through the installation of new advanced meters and other improvements, a smarter, more efficient grid offers many benefits, including:

  • More choice and empowerment: With the advanced meter and Energy Engage you have greater awareness of how you use electricity and the ability to control your usage from anywhere, on any device;
  • Improved efficiency and a better environment: Smart Grid will make it easier to integrate renewable energy generation, electric vehicles and other energy-saving devices and appliances into our system;
  • Greater control over electricity costs: Smart Grid will allow you to know your current usage and electricity bill balance and access dynamic pricing programs to help you keep your bill as low as possible;
  • Peace of mind: You'll have no worries with “set and forget” automation that will enable you to cycle your smart appliances on or off as you desire;
  • Better customer service and faster repairs: With instantaneous information flowing over the system, we'll know exactly where an outage occurs and be able to restore service faster;
  • Lower power costs: The more we know about when electricity is used on our system, the more efficient we can be in securing power resources for the city, reducing our need to buy more costly power or build additional power plants.

Better service, more control, faster repairs, lower costs and a healthier environment - it's all made possible using smarter technology and Smart Grid.