Construction & Renovation Projects

New Construction and Substantial Renovation Projects (Vermont ENERGY STAR® Homes)  

Burlington Electric Department's Residential New Construction program is designed to help the home builder, developer and homeowner take advantage of the highest-efficiency equipment available. By participating in this program, customers enjoy energy savings and lower operating expenses while the community benefits from a clean, low-cost power supply.
This service aims to improve the efficiency of all new homes and buildings undergoing substantial renovation. This includes single-family homes, multi-family homes and low-income multi-family projects.  It addresses all major end uses: space heating, water heating, central cooling (if applicable), ventilation, major appliances and lighting for high-use areas. 
This program, a joint effort of BED, Vermont Gas and Efficiency Vermont, encourages builders and consumers to build to the Vermont Energy Star Home standard.  Meeting this standard results in a 20 percent reduction in heating, cooling and hot water consumption relative to the Vermont Residential Building Energy Standard (RBES).  The standard also requires that at least four lighting fixtures in high-use areas and three major appliances be energy efficient, and that efficient automatically controlled mechanical ventilation be installed.  
Cash incentives are available for meeting minimum program standards along with bonus incentives for installing efficient appliances and additional high-efficiency lighting.
To qualify for incentives, participating homes must meet all of the following standards:
• The home should achieve a Home Energy Rating score of 80 points or less using the National Home Energy Rating Scale. (HERS).
• It must pass a thermal bypass inspection.
• There must be a minimum of four energy-efficient lighting fixtures installed with pin-based fluorescent bulbs in moderate to high use locations (no closets, garages, unfinished basements, etc.).
• If forced-air heating equipment is used, the hard-ducted cold air returns must be used above the first floor deck.
• Heating equipment must be sealed combustion or power vented and meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications.
• The house must use an efficient mechanical ventilation system that meets the RBES requirements and the Vermont Energy Code.
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Siding Your Home

If you are planning to have your home sided, please have your contractor contact BED (802-658-0300) to have your electric meter and related equipment removed before any work is done on your house. A BED employee will remove and replace the equipment for a small service charge. Because your electric meter is BED property, only BED personnel are authorized to remove it.