Residential Rates and Fees

Effective on usage starting February 1, 2017

Residential customer rates fall into one of two categories: standard residential service (RS), or time-of-use service (RT). Service under these rates is available to residential customers for all domestic purposes in a single-family home or apartment.

Residential Service

Standard residential service

$0.108068 per kWh
$0.147735 per kWh
$0.00905 per kWh

(exclusive of Initial Block of power)

Residential Service -- Time-of-Use (RT)

If you are interested in this rate, we will help you determine if it is beneficial to you.
Summer On-Peak* (June 1st to September 30th, Mon-Fri, 12:01 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.)
Winter On-Peak* (December 1st to March 31st, Mon-Fri, 6:01 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.)
Off-Peak (All non-On-Peak times, plus the months of April, May, October, and November)
*Excludes New Year's, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.
$0.00905 per kWh 

(exclusive of Initial Block of power)

Residential Bill Example

(Standard Residential Service, for 500 kWh used)


City Franchise Fee 3.5% ***
(on customer charge and charges for consumption over 100 kWh)
**Residential EEC Calculation                ***Franchise Fee Calculation:
    Total kWH Used  x  EEC                         $8.21 + $59.09 =  $67.30
    500 kWh  x  .00905 = $4.53                   $67.30 x 3.5% = $ 2.36 


Initial Service Fee A $30 fee is charged each time you start electric service at a new location.  If service is requested to be started during off hours (8 p.m.-7 a.m., and all day during holidays and weekends), the fee is $195.
City Franchise Fee The City of Burlington charges BED and other utilities a Franchise Fee based on 3.5% of current charges exclusive of Vermont Sales Tax. (Nonpayment is not subject to disconnection.)
Energy Efficiency Charge (EEC) This fee appears on your bill and funds the energy efficiency programs at BED.
Returned Check Fee A $10 fee is charged each time a check is returned by the bank.
Reconnection Fee A $20 fee is required to reconnect service at a location that has been disconnected for non-payment. If this reconnection is done during off hours, the fee is $195.
Meter Removal/Replacement Fee BED will remove and replace up to two meters in order to install siding for $95. The fee must be paid in advance. Removal or replacement of three or more meters must be done by a certified electrician. 
Collection Fee A $20 fee will be charged when BED personnel collect funds at a customer’s service location.
Customer Assistance Call A $28 fee will be charged whenever BED personnel are requested to visit a customer’s service location and the problem is determined to be the customer’s responsibility. If the service call is done during off hours, the fee is $195.

Important Information

Customer Charge This includes the monthly cost of providing an electric meter, reading and servicing the meter, producing bills, and maintaining customer records.
Residential 100 kWh Initial Block The first 100 kWh of power each month is provided by BED at the same low rate year-round.
Repayment Agreement BED's Customer Service Department will work closely with customers to work out a reasonable repayment agreement when customers fall behind on their bills.
Budget Plan BED offers a convenient 12-month budget payment plan that allows you to make your electric bill payments in 12 equal installments. Contact our Customer Service Area at 865-7300 for details.
Terms and Conditions Residential rates are billed monthly and are payable upon presentation of the bill.

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