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How Can I Help?

Achieving our Net Zero Energy (NZE) goal will take all of us. There are many ways you can help with Burlington's transition to NZE.

Visit our Ways to Save page to learn about no-cost and low-cost ways you can save energy and electrify your home or business and to take advantage of BED's diverse rebate programs.

To help building owners visualize the actionable steps to reach net zero energy use in their buildings, we have developed the Net Zero Energy Buildings Pyramid. Learn more about the pyramid and the steps the City is taking.

Below are some additional action steps you can take that will make a difference; many of these recommendations are supported by rebate programs, so check out our website to learn more.


  • Talk with your friends and neighbors about the benefits of Net Zero Energy
  • Avoid trips by using alternative transportation:
    • Walk, bike, ride the bus, carpool, rideshare, vehicle share
  • Consider telecommuting to work
  • Electrify your vehicle

Homeowners & Commercial Businesses

  • Get a free energy audit from BED
  • Visualize your energy usage trends using Usage Tracker
  • Increase the energy efficiency of your building weatherization
    • Weatherize your home by improving air sealing and adding insulation
    • Install smart thermostats to control your heating and cooling equipment
    • Consider installing a building automation system for your commercial building
    • Install high performance heat pumps to electrify your HVAC and efficiently provide heating and cooling for your building
    • Install a heat pump hot water heater to reduce fossil fuel usage
    • Install LED lights in your home or business to save energy
    • Install lighting controls to further reduce energy from lighting
    • Contact our Energy Services team to learn about custom incentives
    • Replace appliances with ENERGY STAR certified equipment
    • Manage plug loads from your electronics by purchasing ENERGY STAR certified products and using advanced power strips
  • Manage peak electric demand
    • Turn equipment down or off when not needed
    • Sign up for BED's Defeat the Peak and cut energy use during regional energy peaks
    • Purchase renewable natural gas from Vermont Gas to offset your natural gas usage
    • Go solar with BED's Solar Shopper Program
    • Consider electric instead of gas for your next lawn mower

Commercial Property Owners

  • Become a Burlington 2030 District Member and receive a free Property Energy Plan to understand energy savings and electrification opportunities for your building
  • Provide alternative transportation infrastructure
    • Consider implementing a telecommuting policy
    • Support bike commuting with bike racks and changing rooms at your office
    • Create a company own carpooling or ridesharing program
    • Install EV charging stations
    • Convert your vehicle fleet to EVs or PHEVs
    • Provide bus passes for employees


  • Visualize your energy usage trends using Usage Tracker
  • Ask your property manager what plans they have to make your building more efficient
  • Ask your property manager about adding electric and alternative transportation infrastructure
  • Discuss desired building upgrades with your property manager