Our Vision, Mission & Values

As a public power entity, BED will always put the customers – the residents and business owners of Burlington – first when making decisions, all of which will be in the best long-term interest of the city.  BED will continue to employ technically competent employees who are supportive of public power, who have a high ethical standard, and who believe in life-long learning. It will treat its employees fairly and provide the support they need to do the best job they can.

  • BED will continue to be a leader in sustainability by producing power that is as clean and as locally produced as possible.
  • BED will continue to treat the environment with the utmost respect and will continue to influence decisions and public policy that enhance environmental quality, the use of renewable resources, and the sustainability of Burlington.
  • BED will continue to provide customers with top-quality advice on energy efficiency and will promote new products that help to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • BED will continue to make its decision through an open process, seeking input from the public. Through good and fair business practices, prudent power purchases and efficiency programs, BED will continue to offer low rates and affordable bills to its customers.