Our Energy Services Team

Chris BurnsChris Burns is Director of Energy Services for Burlington Electric Department. He is responsible for supervising the delivery of BED's customer and residential energy service offerings to BED's customers. He is a graduate of the University of Vermont and a long-time Burlington resident. He has more than 25 years of experience in the electric utility and energy efficiency sectors. When not thinking about energy efficiency issues, he is busy helping to raise two busy children and playing outdoors in our beautiful Vermont.

Michelle KellerMichelle Keller is a Commercial & Industrial Energy Services Engineer for BED. She is responsible for working with Burlington’s large commercial customers to identify and evaluate energy efficiency improvement opportunities. She has a degree in chemical engineering from MIT, and after working for many years in process engineering and materials development, turned her focus in 2001 to promoting energy efficiency for commercial facilities and schools. She has a strong background in lighting and refrigeration technologies, and strives to foster cooperative working relationships among energy efficiency programs, contractors, and building owners. When not working to reduce electrical use around the city, Michelle splits her time between performing with musical ensembles around the state, and spending time outdoors enjoying the spectacular weather and landscapes of Vermont.

Tom Lyle is BED's program and policy analyst. Tom is responsible for planning, designing and implementing energy efficiency programs that effectively address our customer's needs while reducing energy consumption across the City. Tom has 20 years of experience in the utility field as a former regulator and industry consultant. Although Tom works closely with BED's regulatory stakeholders, his efforts are primarily focused on providing the EE team with detailed operational roadmaps for scaling-up BED's energy efficiency programs, introducing emerging technologies, managing costs and risks and evaluating program results. When he is not working on energy policy, Tom enjoys skiing, hiking, kayaking and biking with his family.

J.C. McCannJ.C. McCann, who came to BED in 2012, works specifically with Burlington’s thriving commercial business clientele. J.C. has a very strong natural connection to the local business community through the common sense operational and financial benefits of energy efficiency. His strong alliance with professional contractors, innovative manufacturers and customers stems from more than a decade studying resource efficient technology. Promoting energy efficiency has taken J.C. on many paths through different countries and commercial channels, but being able to work in Burlington is a real dream come true. J.C. comes to BED fresh off other successful Demand Side Management programs with major utilities such as Iberdrola, PG&E and Sempra Energy.

Brian Reilly is a Residential Energy Services Engineer at BED. He is responsible for helping residential customers make informed decisions with respect to their electrical consumption. Brian graduated from UMASS/Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1997.  He spent the next 10-yrs in Alaska working as an HVAC engineer, a builder and energy conservation educator.  In 2007, Brian moved to Vermont and continued his work as a builder and HVAC engineer.  He and his wife recently completed a deep energy retrofit of their 1890's home.

Jake YanulavichJake Yanulavich is a Commercial and Industrial Energy Services Engineer for BED. He is responsible for providing Energy Audits for Burlington’s larger commercial and industrial customers, which includes recommendations for energy saving measures and the offering of incentive payments for these measures. He graduated from Clarkson College in New York State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1976. He has 10 years experience as a Manufacturing Engineer, 12 years in Industrial Automation, and 7 years experience in the Electrical Utility and Energy Management sector. When not laboring behind a computer, he is spending as much time in the out-of-doors as possible.