COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

Safety – of our customers and staff team – is our number one value at Burlington Electric Department.

Disconnects & Late Fees

Understanding that financial challenges may be heightened during these uncertain times, BED has suspended until further notice both electric service disconnections due to late payments and late fees and interest for all customers, residential and commercial. 

However, we have restarted collections for closed accounts.

If you anticipate late payment, please contact our Customer Care team by email or phone to discuss payment plan options at (802) 865-7300.

Payments & Customer Care

Lobby cashier window will be open. Drop boxes at our main office (585 Pine St) and City Hall (149 Church St) are open for City property tax, Burlington Electric Department, and City Water Resources bill payments. Drive-thru remains closed – thank you for helping reduce vehicle miles traveled.

  • Online – visit
  • Phone – call (802) 865-7300 (option #2) to speak with a Customer Care Representative, who can take credit cards, debit cards, and e-check payments over the phone
  • Mail – send your payments to Burlington Electric Department, 585 Pine Street, Burlington, VT 05401

To start/stop service or for billing and other questions:

  • Online – click on Contact Us or Start/Stop Service
  • Phone – call (802) 865-7300 (option #2) to speak with a Customer Care Representative, who can answer your questions

Green Stimulus

Burlington Electric Department worked to quickly implement financial relief efforts shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our community. We will continue to support these and new relief efforts, as well as seek to redirect a portion of BED’s energy efficiency funds to support local economic recovery once our public health environment allows for the safe resumption of activity for residents and businesses.

Green Stimulus Information

Zooming to Your House or Business to Help You Save Money

BED’s Energy Services team is available to help you save energy during these challenging times. We are happy to do virtual visits to your home or business via laptop, tablet, or cell phone. We will Zoom in to review your energy usage patterns one-on-one and help you learn where savings opportunities may be.

Schedule an appointment by calling us at 865-7362 (residential) or 865-7371 (commercial).

We also have many great savings tips for our Residential and Commercial customers. Here are a few examples:


  • Avoid standby power: most electronics consume electricity when plugged in, even when turned off, the screen is blank, or the speaker is silent. This “standby power” can be a sneaky contributor to your electric bill. Using a power strip guarantees that no energy will be used by any of the devices plugged into it when the power strip is turned off. Smart power strips can help you save up to $200 per year by avoiding standby power costs.
  • Clean your fridge coils: use your vacuum hose attachment to clean the coils under or behind your refrigerator. Clean coils allow the refrigerator to operate more efficiently.
  • Lint-free dryer hoses: make sure your dryer exhaust hose is clear of all lint to make your dryer use less energy per load and reduce a potential fire hazard.   


  • Turn off: turn-off all desk computers, printers, copiers, and other lights and small appliances not in use.
  • Adjust temperature: let your empty spaces get a little cooler (heating set point of 60 degrees) or a little warmer (cooling set-point of 80 degrees) when air conditioning season starts.
  • Reduce outside ventilation: if you have a Building Automation System, consider reducing outside ventilation rates when you have no or very few building occupants to save on ventilation fan energy and to avoid your HVAC system having to heat or cool as much outside air.    

City of Burlington Resource and Recovery Center

The City also has created a new Resource and Recovery Center (RRC) to provide resources and assistance to our community on a wide variety of issues including childcare, access to food, housing, unemployment, support for vulnerable populations, and assistance for local businesses. 

Thank you for working with us as we take steps to continue to deliver exceptional customer care.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Team BED