Rebates & Incentives

Commercial Programs

Custom incentives may be available for larger equipment or technologies not included on the list below. Please contact our Energy Services team to find out how we can best support your energy efficiency efforts. Contact us at 802-865-7342 or e-mail us if you have any questions.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rebate Form
Agricultural Lighting & Equipment Agricultural Lighting & Equipment Rebate Form

Residential Programs

If you have concerns about a high electric bill or would just like to know more about the programs we offer, give us a call at 802-865-7342 or e-mail us. We offer a free energy audit service that hundreds of our customers take advantage of each year. 

Please remember BED Energy Services when planning any energy-related home improvements or major appliance purchases. BED Energy Services specialists are always available to offer tips and advice on all of your projects. We also have up-to-date listgs of the most energy-efficient home appliances that you can use when shopping.

Submitting Your Rebate Form

If you are a BED customer be sure to send your rebate form and equipment invoices to:
Submit online or mail to:

Energy Services
Burlington Electric Department
585 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401