Energy Codes & Ordinances

Guidelines for Energy Efficiency New Construction, Renovation and Equipment Replacement

Article VI. Energy Conservation, Section 8, an ordinance of the City of Burlington requires that all construction and applicable new equipment be in compliance with the Guidelines for Energy Efficient Construction for the City of Burlington, Vermont (Guidelines). These Guidelines, adopted by the Burlington City Council on July 22, 1991, apply to all construction for which permit applications are submitted to the City of Burlington, Department of Planning and Zoning, Department of Public Works or any applicable City of Burlington office. 
The City of Burlington has adopted the statewide energy codes for residential and commercial construction. 

Commercial Energy Code

To get more information on Commercial Building Energy Standards, click here. Free hard copies of the updated Vermont Commercial Energy Codebook are available from BED (802-865-7342 or e-mail us) or the Public Service Board. Electricronic copies are available at the International Code Council website for purchase.

Residential Energy Code

The Vermont Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES) affect all new homes and additions over 500 square feet built after July 1, 1998.Click here to get more information about RBES and a PDF version of the current RBES handbook.
City of Burlington's Minimum Rental Housing Time of Sale Energy Efficiency Standards Ordinance

In March 1997 the Burlington City Council passed the Minimum Rental Housing Energy Efficiency Standards Ordinance to improve rental dwellings within the City that are substandard due to lack of adequate insulation and other thermal performance defects that cause the inefficient use of energy to heat the dwellings.

The purpose of the ordinance is to promote the wise and efficient use of energy through cost-effective minimum energy efficiency standards for rental dwellings where physically possible. The ordinance is applied upon transfer of a rental property at the time of sale. The seller and the buyer negotiate who is responsible for compliance. Through the program administrator, technical assistance and coordination with all available energy programs are available to help property owners meet the requirements. In addition, some buildings offer substantial energy savings if work is done beyond the minimum ordinance requirements. Optional technical assistance, project management incentives and financing packages are available to help property owners take advantage of these additional savings.

Read an introduction and more information about the Time of Sale Energy Ordinance (TOS).

Please click here to see a copy of the Minimum Rental Housing Energy Efficiency Standards Ordinance passed by the Burlington City Council in March 1997.