High-Performance Circulator Pumps

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric circulator pumps are used with your hot water boiler system to help circulate water throughout your household. The circulation of water in a boiler system allows for the heating of your space. Many households have more than one circulator pump, and it is common to find these pumps near your boiler.

What is a high-performance circulator pump (HPCP)? Standard circulator pumps operate at full capacity, using maximum energy to circulate the water throughout your household. However, circulator pumps do not need to operate at maximum capacity all the time. When driving, do you need to have the accelerator maxed out at all times? No. We modulate our speed. HPCP’s work the same way – they modulate their speed according to the demand that is needed. By modulating its speed, HPCP’s can operate at maximum efficiency, saving electricity. This modulation is also known as adaptive control.
How much energy will a HPCP save me? Your typical HPCP will save approximately $40/year in energy costs (or about 285 kWh/year).
How much does a HPCP cost? The cost of a high-performance circulator pump depends on the make/model, size, etc. BED encourages you to speak with your heating contractor/professional to determine the type of HPCP needed for your application and the associated costs.
Can I get a rebate? BED is providing an $80 incentive for the purchase of HPCP’s. This incentive is available to your heating contractor/professional at the point-of-purchase and should be reflected in the sales price of the pump to you. BED’s rebate is designed to cover most of the cost difference between a standard pump and an HPCP. When combined with the annual energy savings, the HPCP is a smart energy saving decision.
Where do I get a HPCP? Contact your heating contractor/professional to get a HPCP installed at your house. HPCP’s are available through local plumbing/heating supply houses. Current participating supply houses are Blodgett Supply, FW Webb, Granite Group, and Hulbert Supply
How do I know if my existing circulator pumps are inefficient? HPCP’s are a new technology. Unless replaced within the past year or two, your existing circulator pumps are not high-performance.
Should I upgrade my circulator pumps now or when they fail? The choice is yours. With the heating season around the corner, you may want to upgrade to HPCP’s and start saving energy now. If your standard circulator pumps are failing or need service, you may want to consider upgrading to HPCP’s. Contact your heating professional about making the upgrade.
How do I learn more? Contact your heating professional or feel free to e-mail us.