Our Energy Efficiency Story

BED is fortunate to be serving a city that prioritizes energy efficiency. The willingness of our customers to invest is a strong testament to the value that they place on these services. BED, too, feels that energy efficiency is pivotal to offering its customers high quality and affordable energy services and a secure, environmentally sound supply of electricity into the future, and is increasingly the cornerstone of BED's resource acquisition strategy.

Overall, effect has been dramatic. Annual electricity consumption in 2013 was less than in 1989. Thus, we have met the energy needs of a growing local economy over the last 19 years through efficiency! Energy efficiency investments save Burlington consumers more than $10.1 million of retail electric costs annually.

Statewide energy efficiency programs are today operated by the non-profit service provider “Efficiency Vermont” (E-VT). BED staff delivers these programs within the City of Burlington, continuing to build on its past success in helping Burlington’s consumer-owners achieve energy efficient electric use.

BED and E-VT annually revise a very detailed coordination plan that seeks to maximize the benefits of synergism to both organizations, and ultimately to all of Vermont’s ratepayers. BED looks forward to continuing its successful partnership with E-VT, Vermont Gas Systems and the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity’s Weatherization Service. These partnerships are key to the constant improvement of energy efficiency program services that are delivered to Vermonters.

Please feel free to call 802-865-7342 or email EEinfo@burlingtonelectric.com if you want more information on any of our programs.