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    Does your home have an electric hot water heater?

    Pilot program seeks 10 volunteers.
    packetized energy

    We are looking for 10 volunteers for a pilot program designed to use energy more efficiently.

    As a part of this pilot, homeowners will have small devices (Packetized Energy Device Managers or PDMs) installed on the top of their electric hot water tanks. Unlike a TV or lamp, an electric hot water heater does not necessarily have to turn on or off at a specific time. It only needs to be on long enough to keep hot water hot. Packetized Energy Management, the technology that is being tested in this pilot project, allows BED to match energy usage to energy supply by first dividing up an electric hot water heater’s “ON time” into short “energy packets” which are then managed to match supply. 

    Participating in this pilot will not invalidate the warranty on your electric hot water heater, nor will you experience a change in your hot water availability. It takes approximately 1 hour for a BED representative to install the PDM and configure it to connect to your WiFi network. The first phase of this pilot will end on or before September 30st, 2017. When the pilot ends, BED will remove the hardware and configure your heater back to its original state.

    If you would like to volunteer for this important study, please contact Paul Hines,