EVMatch EV Chargers


For Multifamily Residences


Photo credit: Enel X

Burlington Electric Department (BED) invites multifamily unit dwelling property owners to apply for a limited number of free Juicebox Pro 32 level 2 (240V/32A) electric vehicle (EV) chargers through a limited-time pilot program with EVmatch .

IMPORTANT: This pilot program is limited to 15 EV Chargers provided by Burlington Electric Department. Filling out this application does not entitle the applicant to receive this product. Selections will be made at Burlington Electric Department’s discretion based on the applications received and the responses provided.

The application deadline has passed. However, we are accepting applications to be placed on our waiting list. Use the form below.

EVmatch provides an app-based platform that allows electric charging station owners to “rent out” their EV chargers, much like an “airbnb” for non-commercial EV charging stations. This platform handles the payments and enables the owner to limit access to select user groups. For example, the residents of an apartment building can be allowed to charge at night while public charging is permitted during the day. This platform also offers a reservation feature to allow EV drivers to plan ahead.

Last summer DeltaClimeVT held its second accelerator program at BED’s 585 Pine Street offices. The accelerator program awarded EVmatch with one of two BED-funded pilot programs focusing on EV charging for multifamily unit dwellings.

BED will offer an additional $500 to help cover the installation of each charger that the owner agrees to make publicly available from 9am – 5pm.

Requirements for Selected Applicants

Selected applicants (property owners) will be expected to cover the installation of the charger(s) behind the building meter, provide electricity for the operation of the charger(s), maintain WiFi connection, and pay for the EVmatch service fee of $10 / month.


  • Recipient must be Burlington Electric Department customer
  • Adequate WiFi connection at the site of the chargers
  • Wiring to the house meter (meter billed to the property owner or association)
  • Multifamily unit dwelling – multiple separate housing units for residential inhabitants contained within one building or several buildings within one complex.
  • Have the capacity in your electrical panel to provide electricity for the charger(s). Each charger requires a 40 amp breaker.