Green Stimulus Net Zero Energy Programs for Commercial Customers

Green Stimulus Programs for Commercial Customers

BED’s enhanced Net Zero Energy custom incentives help commercial customers make energy-related improvements to their properties and help with the economic recovery of our community. The Green Stimulus rebates, first available in 2020, have been extended into 2021 and will remain available through year’s end or until funding is fully utilized, on a first-come, first-served basis for installed projects. Prior approval of each project by BED staff is required.

To learn more, please contact BED Energy Services and a member of the team will answer your questions and assist with your project. 

  • Zero-interest loans with on-bill financing: BED’s on-bill financing program, for electrical energy efficiency improvements, provides zero-interest loans with up to seven-year terms for eligible small businesses and non-profits to pursue energy efficiency projects that have neutral or positive cash flow from day one, with energy savings guarantees where necessary to remove risk. This service allows customers to make eligible energy related improvements with no up-front (out-of-pocket expense) where the loan is repaid on the monthly electric bill. 
  • Failed (or reaching end-of-life) HVAC and refrigeration equipment: Green Stimulus incentives have been added to standard incentives to help cover the incremental cost of replacing eligible HVAC and refrigeration equipment with best-in-class, new, energy efficient systems. For pre-approved projects, BED will increase standard incentives to cover up to 75% of the incremental cost (up to a $10,000 incentive maximum) of installing eligible high efficiency measures.
  • Commercial HVACBonus heat pump incentives: Green Stimulus custom incentives have been added to standard incentives for central commercial heat pump and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) installations.  Projects can include partial replacement of the HVAC system. For example, a building is served by five RTUs (roof-top units) where three are reaching end-of-life and need replacement. VRF systems may be good solution in some situations. This program also includes commercial heat pump domestic hot water units and can also be applied to the partial replacement of existing domestic hot water systems.   
  • Building controls: For commercial buildings (including large multi-family) that have existing building energy management systems, BED provides up to $1,000 to help cover the cost of programming and optimizing building controls to reduce energy use for commercial customers. Additional energy engineering incentives also are available for evaluating sequence of operations of building HVAC control systems and their components.
  • Geothermal energy program: BED provides up to $15,000 in incentives to help cover the cost of drilling test wells to determine if a geothermal heat pump system would be a viable primary heating and cooling system for the building. Prior approval of each project by BED is required along with enrollment in BED’s New Construction program. Importantly, for these projects, rebates will be paid only if the building ultimately utilizes a ground source, VRF, or other air source heat pump-based system as the primary heating and cooling system for the building. This incentive is available to commercial customers and multifamily buildings (new construction or major rehabilitation projects). 

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Please contact BED Energy Services and a member of the team will answer your questions and assist with your project.