Reduce My Bill (Residential)

Welcome to BED’s residential resource page featuring information about energy-efficient actions, services and products that can lower your energy bills while protecting the environment. Please feel free to contact us at 802-865-7342 or e-mail us with any questions about BED’s energy efficiency services.
BED remains committed to offering its customers high quality and affordable energy services and a secure, environmentally sound supply of electricity. Energy efficiency continues to play a major role in achieving this goal, and is increasingly the cornerstone of BED’s resource acquisition strategy.
Energy efficiency is Vermont’s least expensive energy supply resource while being the most environmentally sound. BED is owned by all the residents of Burlington, who have clearly state the pursuit of additional cost-effective energy efficiency is No. 1.
BED staff operate the residential electric energy efficiency programs within the City of Burlington, continuing to build on BED’s long history of past success in helping Burlington’s consumer-owners achieve energy efficiency in their businesses and homes. Efficiency Vermont (E-VT) provides these services for the rest of the state of Vermont.
BED and E-VT annually revise a very detailed coordination plan that seeks to maximize the benefits of synergism to both organizations and ultimately to all of Vermont’s ratepayers. BED looks forward to continuing its successful partnership with E-VT, Vermont Gas Systems and the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity’s income eligible Weatherization Service. These partnerships are key to the constant improvement of energy efficiency program services that are delivered to Vermonters.

Our Services

If you have concerns about a high electric bill or would just like to know more about the programs we offer, give us a call (802-865-7342) or e-mail us. We offer a free energy audit service that hundreds of our customers take advantage of each year. Our Energy Efficiency Specialist can talk with you over the phone or will visit with you to explain your energy bills, review the energy usage of your heating, hot water and large appliances, lend you an appliance meter if appropriate, and offer specific recommendations to help reduce your energy usage. We will also explain which of our many energy efficiency programs work best for you. Please call 865-7342 or e-mail us if you are interested in this service.
Please remember BED Energy Services when planning any energy-related home improvements or major appliance purchases. BED's Energy Efficiency Specialists are always available to offer tips and advice on all your projects. We also have up-to-date lists of the most energy-efficient home appliances that you can use when shopping.
When you buy lighting, appliances and other products for your home, choose models that are Energy Star-qualified. These appliances use less energy, saving you money for years to come.
Please explore the different tabs in the section to learn about energy efficiency options and technical assistance and incentives that are available.
Contact us at 802-865-7342 or e-mail us if you have any energy efficiency questions.