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    Burlington Electric Announces Customer Barbara Spaulding Wins Trivia Contest

    Barbara Spaulding Trivia contest winner Barbara Spaulding (right) with Burlington Electric Customer Care Representative Katie Dorey.

    Burlington, Vt. – Burlington Electric Department today announced that customer Barbara Spaulding won the summer trivia contest for demonstrating her knowledge about electric usage and energy efficiency around Burlington. Burlington Electric awarded Ms. Spaulding with a gift basket filled with Burlington Electric schwag and energy efficiency products, including a baseball cap, shirt, water bottle, mug, power strip, and LED light bulb.

    Burlington Electric General Manager and trivia buff Neale Lunderville stated: “Whether we’re providing safe, reliable, affordable power or guiding members of the community on energy efficiency measures or engaging in a fun trivia contest, our focus at Burlington Electric is on providing exceptional customer service to members of the Burlington community. This contest provided an opportunity to share with our customers interesting information about electric usage around the City and to get people thinking about how they can take steps toward greater energy efficiency at home.”

    In August, Burlington Electric invited the Burlington community to participate in an electrifying trivia contest through its monthly column in the North Avenue News. Participants who correctly answered all three questions became eligible for the gift basket drawing.

    The trivia questions included:

    1. How many years can an LED light bulb last when used in a family’s home?
      1. 3 years
      2. 9 years
      3. 19 years
      4. 29 years
    2. What uses the most total energy in a typical Burlington home?
      1. Clothes dryer
      2. Lights
      3. Central heating system (furnace or boiler)
      4. Refrigerator
    3. What is the average monthly kilowatt hours (kWh) usage for Burlington homes?
      1. 1,215
      2. 815
      3. 415
      4. 215

    The correct answer to each question is the letter “C.”

    Burlington Electric thanks all who played, and we invite more members of the community to join us for next installment of Burlington Electric trivia.

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