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Thank you for your interest in Burlington Electric Department’s Residential Energy Services

BED offers technical assistance, savings estimates and cash incentives for many energy efficiency improvements. BED delivers the same energy efficiency services in Burlington that Efficiency Vermont offers the rest of Vermont.  BED also works very closely with Vermont Gas Systems (VGS) and their energy efficiency program in order to provide comprehensive energy services. Visit Vermont Gas's website or call 802-863-4511 ext. 320 for more information.
Electric Heat, Electric Domestic Hot Water and Electric Clothes Dryers:

BED offers incentives for cost-effective conversions of electric space and water heating systems and electric clothes dryers to natural gas systems. Your energy efficiency investments will pay off now and in the future, by reducing your energy costs, strengthening our economy and protecting our environment.

Electric Hot Water Conversions: Replacements of one or more electric hot water heaters with a natural gas fired system meeting efficiency requirements described below:


Eligible Natural Gas Hot Water Systems

Minimum Efficiency

(Energy Factor or EF)



Stand-Alone (direct-fired storage tank)



Integrated (storage tank heated off boiler)



Instantaneous (tankless on-demand)




Electric Space Heat Conversions: All electric space heat conversions will be evaluated on a case- by-case basis. Customers may be eligible for incentives up to 40% of installed cost (maximum incentive of $2,000) for converting their electric heating system to natural gas or oil. You must call BED (802-865-7362) before installing a new heating system in order to be eligible for incentives. 
DPW mechanical permits are required for all heating systems and hot water work. For more information call 802-863-9094 or click here.
Electric Clothes Dryer: When an existing electric clothes dryer is replaced with a natural gas fired unit, BED will rebate the customer $100.

Follow these steps to request a rebate from BED:

1.        For space heat and clothes dryer conversions: Call BED at 802-865-7362 to verify that you are eligible for a rebate. We will ask you for basic information about your home and electrical consumption to help us to determine if converting from electric heat or clothes dryer is cost-effective.

2.         For all conversions: Notify BED when the installation is complete. We will need a copy of the sales receipt from contractor or rental agreement from Vermont Gas. The document must indicate the cost of the installation and the make and model number of the equipment installed.

3.         Upon completion of steps I and 2.  BED will issue a rebate!

Energy Star Lighting
Lighting accounts for about 20% of annual household electricity bills, or approximately $200 per year.  Your actual cost depends on the number of sockets for light bulbs that you have, the wattages of the bulb and how many hours a day they are on. 
CFL’s: Switching from incandescent light bulbs to ENERGY STAR® qualified CFLs is one of the simplest and most affordable steps you can take to use less energy and reduce your electricity costs. CFL’s can last up to 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb which also saves on bulb replacement cost and time. Switch one average light bulb to a CFL, and you can still save around $42 in energy costs over the CFL's life. In partnership with BED and Efficiency Vermont, many Vermont lighting retailers offer special pricing on CFLs. No mail-in rebates to fill out, just a low price at the cash register of your favorite lighting retailers.  While supplies last, select ENERGY STAR CFLs are just 99 cents at participating Vermont retailers. That’s up to $9 off the regular price on each bulb.
Click here to find special pricing at a nearby participating retailer.
Click here for information on how to safely disposal of compact fluorescent lighting.
LED's: Light-emitting diode (LED's) are a rapidly emerging technology that can offer benefits over incandescent bulbs and even today’s compact fluorescent light bulbs such as low power consumption, longer life, compact size, good dimming capabilities and reliable operation in cold temperatures for outside lighting. 
BED has not yet begun promoting residential LED's aggressively. The ones currently available vary in quality, energy usage and function.  For example, most LED bulbs produce a directional beam, common in commercial settings with spot ,track and recessed fixtures rather than the evenly spread-out light typical of a standard incandescent or CFL bulb that is more typically used in homes.  New LED bulbs are appearing on the market frequently that may be better suited for residential usage, but we are still concerned about the quality and performance for residential applications.
Quality LEDs are still expensive, and although they can save energy when compared to incandescent bulbs, and even some CFL's, the monetary payback time is long for bulbs that are on only a few hours a day, as is the case for typical residential use.  Commercial lighting is typically on many more hours per day so the energy and bulb replacement cost savings are much higher. 
Currently for residential customers, BED is offering rebates for select ENERGY STAR® qualified LED Downlights.  Some Vermont lighting retailers offer already-discounted pricing on LEDs, or an instant coupon good for $10 off the regular price of ENERGY STAR LED downlight products. There is no mail-in rebates to fill out, just a low price at the cash registers.
Click here to find special pricing at a near-by participating retailer by zip code search.
Only those products listed on the LED Downlight Eligible Products List are eligible for incentives. 

Energy Star Major Appliances
If you see the ENERGY STAR® logo you have the confidence of knowing that the product you about to purchase has been designated among the most energy efficient and can save you hundreds of dollars over its life. ENERGY STAR® is the brand name developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to signify energy-efficient products. This voluntary program is a partnership among the EPA, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), product manufacturers, local utilities, and retailers. The agencies set energy efficiency criteria for specific consumer and commercial products. Products meeting or exceeding the energy efficiency criteria established by the agencies are awarded the ENERGY STAR® label.
You will find the ENERGY STAR® label on lighting products, home appliances, home electronics, office equipment, heating and cooling equipments and windows.  BED and Efficiency Vermont offer mail-in or in-store cash incentives for many of these products including, refrigerators, clothes washers, dehumidifiers and select home electronics.

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