Board of Electric Commissioners

Board of Electric Commissioners

The Board consists of five (5) members appointed by the City Council with Mayor presiding for three-year terms.
You can read more in the Board of Electric Commissioners Memorandum of Understanding.

Board Members

Scott Moody, Chair Appointed 6/6/10
24 Oak Street, Burlington, VT  05401
802-310-4111 | Email

Bethany Whitaker, Vice Chair Appointed 9/23/19 
188 Loomis Street, Burlington, VT 05401
802-922-8158 | Email

Jim Chagnon Appointed 7/1/18
21 Grey Meadow Drive, Burlington, VT 05401

Lara Bonn Appointed 12/12/22
95 Wells St, Burlington, VT 05401
617-529-5150 | Email

Andy Vota Appointed 3/25/24
65 Howard St, Burlington, VT 05401
802-862-0613 | Email

Board of Electric Commissioners Meetings

Meeting minutes are posted in draft format within five days.
Approval of those minutes will then be voted on at the following meeting.

To speak during a Commission Meeting public forum, please email Commission Clerk Laurie Lemieux to receive a link to the meeting, or call in to the meeting at (802) 489-6254 and use the Conference ID# listed below.