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BED partners with Efficiency Vermont for the provision of incentives for energy efficient products and appliances, as well as providing incentives directly for some products. The payment of these incentives is performed through rebates and are administered in several ways. Traditional Mail-In Rebate forms are still utilized for some products, but many incentives have been moved to "midstream," where the incentive is provided to the retailer or distributor, and then passed through to the consumer at the time of sale. Midstream Rebates reduce program costs because they provide bulk payments to a few retailers and distributors, rather than individual payments of incentives to consumers. Additionally, providing the incentives directly to the retailers and distributors can greatly increase the number of efficient products that they stock, display, advertise and sell, benefiting all consumers.

Mail-In Rebates

Mail-In Rebates for Residential Rental Properties

Midstream Rebates

Custom Rebates

Qualifying HRV/ERV systems. (Balanced ventilation with heat or energy recovery)
Above code envelope improvements in conjunction with either partial or full electrification of a home’s heating system

* Effective until 12/31/2020

**Burlington Electric also offers a special Electric Vehicle Charging Rate, equivalent to gasoline priced at $0.60 per gallon