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An electric bike can take you farther and faster than a conventional bike, while still providing exercise and the thrill and exhilaration of biking.
Plus, BED is now offering incentives to help offset the cost.

E-Bike Lending Library

Lending Library

Want to try before you buy? Local Motion now gives you an opportunity to borrow an e-bike.

E-Bike $200 Rebate

$200 Instant Rebate

We are offering our customers $200 off an electric bike or conversion kit at Burlington bike retail shops.

CarShare Vermont

CarShare Vermont

Burlingtonians who buy an e-bike are eligible for a free membership in CarShare Vermont's "Share-a-Little" plan.


$200 E-Bike Instant Rebate

If you are a current Burlington resident (or purchasing on behalf of a Burlington business), bring your ID along with a piece of mail with your name and Burlington address to receive a $200 point-of-sale rebate on an e-bike or e-bike conversion kit. The rebate may be redeemed at a participating retail shop in Burlington.

E-Bike Dealers
Visit these Burlington bicycle shops for more information:
Old Spokes Home, North Star Sports, Skirack, Betty's Bikes, or Outdoor Gear Exchange.

Learn About E-Bikes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-bike? What is a converted e-bike?
An e-bike is a bicycle that includes an electric motor powered by a battery. Most e-bikes have pedal-assist, which means the motor helps you pedal depending on the level of assistance you choose. Your legs feel bionic! 

A converted e-bike is a conventional bike with an electric motor and battery installed. Different types of conversion kits are mid-drive, front hub, and rear hub - these describe where the electric motor is. Conversion kits can be installed on most conventional bikes. Watch the video above for more info on e-bikes!

What is the benefit of an e-bike?
E-bikes are incredible. You ride an e-bike like a conventional bike, but less effort is required to go the same speed and distance. Or you, can go farther and faster with the same amount of effort. Either way, you get from A to B with no sweaty armpits, less out-of-breath, and tons of fun. With an e-bike, you can replace a second car or even your only car. Cargo e-bikes can carry your kids, your groceries, and you can even add a trailer to haul a couple hundred pounds of gear.

Local Motion

Local Motion

For more information about e-bikes, contact our project partner Local Motion.

Karen Freudenberger

Karen Freudenberger

This program is dedicated to the memory of Karen Freudenberger – passionate community activist, avid e-bike rider and indefatigable promoter of social justice and peace.



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