BED Energy Assistance Program

BED continues to focus on supporting our customers who have experienced financial hardships and reminds our customers about the availability of our Energy Assistance Program. This program provides a 12.5 percent discount for eligible participating customers.


Net Zero Energy Podcast

The City of Burlington, Vermont’s goal is to reduce, and eventually eliminate, fossil fuel usage. In this podcast series, Burlington’s Director of Sustainability Jennifer Green and her guests will be sharing ways we can all reduce our energy usage for heating, driving, and everything else we plug in.

Transportation Demand Management | Charles Dillard

Charles Dillard is Burlington’s Principal Planner in the office of City Planning. He joins us today to talk about Transportation Demand Management or, the more friendly term, Transportation Options. The goal of TDM is help get people out of cars as often as possible and, for when cars are necessary, making that option more accessible to all of our neighbors.

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Net Zero Energy News

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