Electric Vehicles

EV Rebates
EV Rebates

Take advantage of multiple rebates on new & used EVs & E-motorcycles.

EV Chargers
EV Charger Rebates

Rebates, financing, and installation information for your EV charger.

EV Charging Rate
Special EV Rate

Pay the equivalent of just 70¢/gallon when you charge at home.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are less expensive to operate than conventional vehicles, emit no greenhouse gases or air pollution, and can be purchased with the help of several customer incentives.

Interested in E-bikes? An electric bike can take you farther and faster than a conventional bike, while still providing exercise and the thrill and exhilaration of biking.
Plus, BED is now offering incentives to help offset the cost. Learn more »


Preferred Electric Vehicle Dealership Network

Burlington Electric Department has launched the Preferred Electric Vehicle Dealership Network to help our customers more easily navigate electric vehicle purchasing and to help advance Burlington’s transition to Net Zero Energy.

Preferred Electric Vehicle Dealership Network

EV Owner Testimonials

What is it like to own an EV in Burlington? We asked a few of our neighbors about their experience.

Public Charging Stations

Charging station rates & fees.