Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls products save you money and add convenience and security by using your lights only when necessary. They do this by controlling lighting systems with daylight and occupancy sensors, and energy-saving sequences of operation like scheduling, high level trim, and bi-level dimming. Controls sequences of operation describe the way your lights operate and how they react to certain conditions. Scheduling makes your lights only turn on during certain hours. High level trim limits the maximum light output of your light fixtures. And bi-level dimming strategies turn your lights to maximum output only when motion is sensed, and dim to minimum output when vacancy is sensed.

For questions about lighting controls, call (802) 865-7371. For questions about light fixtures, call (802) 865-7336.

Note that retrofitting some types of LED bulbs into light fixtures controlled by older dimming switches may result in buzzing, flickering, or output that cannot be dimmed fully down. This is because older dimmers are designed to control incandescent or fluorescent lamps and cannot ‘see’ the low-wattage LEDs to be able to control them properly. Try out high-quality LED lamps to minimize these problems, or avoid them entirely by installing a new dimmer switch designed to control LEDs.

Control Strategies

Advanced lighting controls systems are referred to as networked lighting controls (NLC) and provide luminaire-level, room-level, or building-level control strategies.

Some networked lighting controls strategies include:

Instant Rebates

Several Burlington-area retailers offer instant (point of purchase) rebates on a wide variety of LED lighting and controls products like occupancy and daylighting sensors. A list of qualified products is available from Efficiency Vermont.

We also recommend visiting a Participating Electrical Distributor. Though off the beaten path, these retailers can provide a more in-depth consultation for your project.

The following lighting controls currently have instant rebates:

  • Fixtures with Integrated Sensors

Online Rebates

Some LED fixtures and controls products qualify for online rebates on commercial projects. To receive a rebate after purchasing DLC-listed fixtures, fill out the Commercial Lighting Rebate form online and submit via email or visit the Online Rebate Center. The following lighting controls currently have online rebates:

  • Retrofit Kits with Integrated Sensors
  • All non-integrated sensors: ceiling, wall, switch, and fixture-mounted occupancy and daylighting sensors

Custom Incentives with BED Engineering Support

Projects involving unique lighting scenarios and requiring more engineering design can receive greater financial incentives and additional technical support. Working with our BED Energy Services team, you can achieve enhanced occupant comfort, productivity, safety, and persistent energy savings. In some cases, BED can cost-share on professional lighting design services, which can yield even greater functionality and savings.

For questions about lighting controls, call (802) 865-7371. For questions about light fixtures, call (802) 865-7336.

The following light fixtures and controls strategies currently have custom rebates:

  • New! High level trim (limiting maximum output of new LED fixtures)
  • New! ENERGY STAR-listed stairwell & corridor fixtures with bi-level dimming sequence of operation
    • $40 per fixture
  • New! DLC-listed commercial LED grow light fixtures and dimming controls
    • Minimum $100 per fixture
    • Custom incentives for high level trim and dimming
  • New! DLC-listed exterior LED fixtures
    • $10 per fixture bonus over instant rebate. Equals $50-$200 depending on light output
    • Additional incentives for fixtures with bi-level dimming sequence of operation

Commercial projects with light fixture quantities greater than 250 must use our custom program.