Net Zero Energy Podcast


The City of Burlington, Vermont’s goal is to reduce, and eventually eliminate, fossil fuel usage. In this podcast series, Burlington’s Director of Sustainability Jennifer Green and her guests will be sharing ways we can all reduce our energy usage for heating, driving, and everything else we plug in.



Old Spokes Home | Jon Copans

Biking is the most energy efficient way for people to get around. Executive Director of Old Spokes Home Jon Copans talks about their mission to make bikes more accessible and affordable for all Burlingtonians and how Old Spokes Home is helping us achieve our Net Zero Energy goal.

CarShare Vermont | Annie Bourdon

Annie Bourdon, Executive Director of CarShare Vermont, talks with us about the history, benefits, and considerations of carsharing in Burlington. In addition to offering an affordable alternative to owning a vehicle, CarShare Vermont’s fleet includes electric vehicles. This is a great way for Burlingtonians to familiarize themselves with EV technology and contribute to the City’s Net Zero Energy vision.

EV Pizza Delivery | Tony Nguyen

Tony Nguyen drives over 40,000 miles a year delivering pizza for a living and taking road trips with his son. Tony shares his research on how much money he saves driving his Tesla over his old internal combustion engine car. We also discuss EV rebates available to Burlingtonians including Mileagesmart that supports low- and moderate-income Vermonters.

Climate Writing | Amy Seidl

UVM professor and climate scientist Dr. Amy Seidl has written two books on climate change. She talks about adaptation and resilience from an evolutionary biology perspective. How has life adapted to our changing climate and how can we prevent the adverse effects.

Preparing for Winter | Tim Perrin

Winter is not too far off. Is it ever far off in Vermont? So now is as good a time as any to start preparing. Today, we’re talking weatherization with Tim Perrin, Manager of Energy Efficiency and Innovation at VGS. Like BED, VGS is an Energy Efficiency Utility with their own staff of energy experts dedicated to helping Burlingtonians find ways to save energy and money.

VEEP | Sophia Donforth

Sophia Donforth, Executive Director at VEEP – Vermont Energy Education Program, talks about their programs that guide K-12 students and teachers in developing a deep understanding of energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy technologies, and climate change. She also discusses the kits and other classroom materials they make available to Vermont (and NH!) classrooms.