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Renewable Energy RFP PS-2022-1

RFP# PS-2022-1

Deadline: December 2, 2022 4:30 pm

NEW DUE DATE   12/2/2022


The City of Burlington Electric Department (the "Department") in Burlington, Vermont,
invites proposals for renewable resources for energy supply and renewability.

Q& A

Q: Would BED accept an indicative, non-binding proposal by 12/2, to be followed by a binding offer should BED show interest in the indicative submittal? 

A: Yes.

Q: While we realize that the current BED RFP indicates acceptance of solar + storage resources, we wanted to reach out to inquire as to whether BED would accept standalone energy storage assets for consideration under this RFP as well?

A: Yes.  As a renewable facilitating technology, BED would consider stand-alone storage it could pair with renewable energy assets as well (BED had previously indicated it would accept combined energy and storage proposals).

Q: Can you help me understand what is exactly meant by, “Shape - 7x16, baseload, or demonstrably equivalent financial value whether unit contingent or not”

A: 7x16 means firm delivery every day between the hours of 7am and 11pm (also described as hours ending 8-23) including holidays. Baseload means firm energy delivered every hour of every day including holidays. Please see question starting, “For unit contingent generators” for a discussion of equivalent financial value.

Q: For unit contingent generators, how should applicants demonstrate equivalent financial value to generators proposing 7X16 or baseload firm energy?

A: Unit-contingent generators could provide an expected production shape (with 12 months by 24 hours preferred). BED will not disqualify the proposal where the unit-contingent production would not be fully equivalent to baseload or 7x16 power, but would adjust its review of the proposal’s price accordingly.  BED is not looking for purely off-peak resources or resources that would deliver predominantly in off peak periods.

Q: Would the Burlington Electric Department consider an initial term length of 15 years for energy supply and renewability from renewable resources located in New Hampshire?

A: Yes.

Q: Would the Burlington Electric Department consider including a clause that allows for an optional 2 x 5-year extension to the initial term upon mutual agreement?

A: Yes.

Q: Besides compliance with the Detailed Requirements and structure outlined in the Proposal Format, are there any requirements for templates or data formatting (tables, etc.) BED needs for submitted proposals?

A: No.

Q: Does solar energy plus battery energy storage qualify as Class I renewable energy?

A: Solar energy is considered Class 1 renewable energy in Vermont and thus would qualify.

Q: Does BED allow charging the battery from the grid?

A: Yes, presuming that the operation of the battery storage as part of a PPA that included generation would reduce the net deliveries to BED under the contract.

Q: Can BED can share an energy rate matrix for 12 months X 24 hours?

A: BED is not going to share a proposed energy rate. BED has shared the quantity of energy it would like to purchase, and the types of pricing preferred (see III.C.IV: “Pricing – Fixed pricing preferred (pricing can escalate over time). Inflation-indexed adjusted pricing would be considered. Market indexed pricing is not desired.”) Please include your proposed pricing as part of your proposal.

Q: For what time period is firm energy is required (7x16 or baseload)?

A: Firm energy is not required. (see III.A: “Shape – 7x16, baseload, or demonstrably equivalent financial value whether unit contingent or not.”)


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