Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Hot water heating for cooking, clothes and dish washing, handwashing, and bathing is a major source of energy consumption in our homes, typically second behind space heating costs. Reducing hot water heating loads can substantially reduce your energy bills.

Consider lowering the temperature setting for your water heater to save money on energy without sacrificing comfort, while also preventing scalding.

Electric Resistance Water Heaters

Natural Gas, Propane, and Oil Water Heaters

  • If your hot water heater uses natural gas, propane, or fuel oil, consider using an add-on storage tank to your boiler instead of a stand-alone tank or installing an electric heat pump water heater. Please see the information below on Adding or Replacing Water Heaters.
  • Safety note: Please do not wrap gas or propane fired hot water tanks – it typically voids the warranty of the tank, and the wrap may block the airflow to the burner which can create a hazardous condition.

Adding or Replacing Hot Water Heaters

Consider replacing your existing water heater with a Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH). HPWHs can be two to three times as energy efficient as a standard electric resistance water heater.

Replacing An Old Water Heater

Heat Pump Water HeaterHeat Pump Water Heater

Be sure to speak with your contractor/installer about the $300-600 statewide discount available to them from their distributor.

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