Winooski One

Winooski One Hydro Plant

Winooski One is a 7.4 Mw hydroelectric generating station located in Winooski, Vermont, on the Winooski River as it flows between the cities of Burlington and Winooski. The station consists of a refurbished spillway with a rubber dam abutting a historic timber crib dam. A fish lift and riverside park have been constructed as part of the station.

The flow of the Winooski River is directed into a powerhouse with three identical double-regulated Kaplan turbines, which drive synchronous generators, allowing for a highly efficient run-of-river operation.

The average annual net output of 30 million kWh is fed directly into BED’s distribution system.

Hydroelectric power is a clean, renewable energy source.


In-Service Date 4/1/93
Electric MW 7.4 MW (Net)
Generator Ideal Electric Synchronous Generators 
Brushless DC exciters
Turbines Sulzer Escher Wyss (Now Andritz)
3 – Bevel Gear Full Kaplan Bulb Turbines
Lifetime station availability
for service
Exceeds 99.5%
Average annual plant factor is 47%
Resource Type Run of River Hydroelectric
Interconnection 13.8 kV Burlington Electric Department
Cooling Water System Closed loop heat exchangers cooled by river flow
Plant Control Westinghouse Circuit Breakers
Andover Controls – Turbine and site automation