Weatherization Repayment Assistance Program (WRAP)

Weatherization Repayment Assistance Program (WRAP)

Special Financing Plan for your Weatherization, Heat Pump, and Advanced Wood Heating Systems

With the new Weatherization Repayment Assistance Program (WRAP), you can finance weatherization improvements at a special 2.0% fixed annual interest rate (plus an administrative fee). You will be able to make monthly payments through your utility bill (BED or VGS) over a period of up to 15 years with this two-year pilot program funded by the state and overseen by the Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA).

Qualifying weatherization projects can include insulation and air sealing, as well as heat pumps and advanced wood heating systems (when combined with weatherization improvements). The WRAP financing will stay with the home’s account if the dwelling is sold or changes ownership.

Sample case

Weatherization Project cost (after BED & VHFA incentives) $2,000
Monthly Payment $17 ($204/year)
Term 162 months (13.5 years)
Monthly Energy Bill Savings $25 ($300/year)

Get Started

Contact the VGS Team
If you heat mostly with natural gas (VGS)
Contact the BED Team
If you heat mostly with oil, kerosene,
propane, wood, pellets, or electricity

Once opportunities for energy savings are identified in your home by an Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN) contractor, we will determine if your proposed project is eligible for WRAP. Should you move forward using WRAP to pay for your home energy improvements, a monthly WRAP payment will be included directly on your BED or VGS bill.

Terms & Conditions

  • Work must be performed by Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN) contractors.
  • Both homeowners and eligible renters can participate in the program. WRAP is not available to renters in rental buildings subject to Burlington’s Rental Housing Weatherization Ordinance. Please feel free to contact the BED Team for more information.
  • Customers who heat partially with natural gas and partially with electric heat or heat pumps can participate, but the WRAP re-payment charge will appear on either your VGS or BED monthly bill. BED and VGS teams work closely together and have developed a process to determine which will be your WRAP utility, and a process to provide weatherization rebates from both utilities.

Additional Weatherization Incentives for Income-Qualified Households

VHFA may provide additional weatherization incentives to income-qualified households to help improve the cost-effectiveness of energy improvement projects. Participants can provide this information when completing the WRAP Customer Participation Agreement.

Number of people in household 1 2 3 4 5 6
Income $90,200 $103,200 $116,000 $128,800 $139,200 $146,600

Income is defined as the total annual gross income of all family and non-family members 18+ years old living within the household. To calculate income, take the monthly amount from the last one or two paychecks for yourself and the people in your household (before taxes) and multiply by 12. Include all wages, both regular salaries and overtime. If you are self-employed, use the previous month of pre-tax income and multiply by 12.

All sources of income must be counted from all persons in the household based on anticipated income within the next 12 months. Possible types of income include but are not limited to: wages, salary, tips, bonuses or commission payments, public assistance, social security/SSI, child support, regular gifts, unemployment, income earned on assets (savings, IRA, etc.), and some types of financial aid.

About WRAP

WRAP is a two-year pilot program, funded by the state and overseen by the Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA). BED has collaborated with VHFA, VGS, Efficiency Vermont, and other Vermont utility partners to develop WRAP into a service that will bring weatherization improvement projects into reach for more Vermonters.

WRAP is one financing option, but BED customers also can explore the Home Energy Loan option.