April 2024 Net Zero Energy News: Go Electric and Save!

New incentives to accelerate progress toward the City’s Net Zero Energy goal. New actions targeted at reducing emissions from the transportation sector.

Go Electric and Save! Last month, BED announced a significant set of new incentives to accelerate progress toward the City’s Net Zero Energy goal. New actions targeted at reducing emissions from the transportation sector include new high-mileage driver rebates, as well as improved electric bike and electric vehicle (EV) charging station rebates.

EV Rebates for High-Mileage Drivers: BED has launched a new, first-of-its-kind utility incentive to help drivers who drive the most miles switch to EVs and reduce their carbon footprint while saving on fuel costs. BED’s superuser incentive provides up to $500 in rebates for qualified customers in addition to BED’s existing EV incentives, which now are up to $3,000. Superuser program rebates will provide an additional $250 for drivers who travel 17,700 miles annually (approximately double the Burlington average), and $500 for drivers who travel 25,300 miles annually (approximately triple the Burlington average). BED’s gig drivers program is a new effort to assist ride hailing service and food delivery drivers living in Burlington to drive electric. To receive a rebate ranging from $250 to $500, customers must switch to EVs and certify that they have been enrolled in a recognized ride hailing and/or food delivery program for at least the previous 12 months and that their annual mileage in their traditional vehicle has been more than 17,600 miles. To learn more, visit burlingtonelectric.com/evplus.

EV Charger Rebates: BED also has increased rebates from $2,000 to $2,500 for workplace/retail Level 2 EV chargers, added a new rebate of $3,250 for workplace/retail Level 2 EV chargers in disadvantaged communities, and increased rebates from $10,000 to $15,000 for workplace Level 3 EV fast chargers.

E-Bike, Mower, and Blower Rebates: New for 2024, BED has rolled out an increase from $200 to $300 for electric bike rebates. Rebates for residential electric lawn mowers ($100) and leaf blowers ($40) continue to be available.

EV Charging for All: In partnership with the Department of Public Works, BED will utilize a State of Vermont grant to support installation of five new, drop-down, pole-mounted Level 2 EV chargers that can serve on-street parking spaces in areas of the City where residents generally do not have access to off-street parking. Further, a new, public Level 3 fast charger soon will be available at the City’s Marketplace Garage, marking the second installation of a modern fast charger under BED’s Net Zero Energy Revenue Bond (the first is located at BED’s 585 Pine Street offices). Read the full story.

Coming Soon: New Program to Reduce Thermal Sector Emissions: The Switch and Save program will help income-qualified customers switch from a fossil fuel or a less efficient electric water heater to a new heat pump water heater, saving money and reducing energy use. BED is working with affordable housing providers, including Champlain Housing Trust, to implement the program. BED expects to help between 75 and 125 residential, income-qualified customers make the switch. The statewide Switch and Save program is being administered by Efficiency Vermont.