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With all of the new technologies and financial incentives available to help your electric, heating, and transportation needs, our Energy Services Team is here to answer your questions and help you understand your options.

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Usage Tracker

The best way to start on your path to Net Zero Energy is to understand how your home is currently using electricity. Usage Tracker can show you how your usage varies from month to month, day to day, and even in 15-minute increments so you can figure out the best way to start saving.

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Vermont Home Energy Profile

The Vermont Department of Public Service has created a free and simple tool to help find all the ways to decide where to make improvements that lower energy costs and appeal to energy-conscious buyers when the time comes to sell your home. 

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Home Energy Audits

We offer a free energy audit service that many residents and businesses take advantage of each year. We can talk with you over the phone or visit you to explain your energy bills, review the energy usage, offer specific recommendations to help reduce your energy usage, and explain energy efficiency programs that would work for you.

Home Energy Audits

Comfy Home

Comfortable Home

Heating and cooling costs are typically the largest energy-related expense in the home. Stay comfy and save money with these recommendations.



If your home feels cold in the winter, check out this list for potential causes and suggested maintenance solutions.

heat pump

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide energy-efficient heating and cooling and work well in cold climates. Check out the many options now available.

Heat Pumps

Where We Use Electricity

There are many ways to save at home. Where do you want to start?