Net Zero Energy Podcast


The City of Burlington, Vermont’s goal is to reduce, and eventually eliminate, fossil fuel usage. In this podcast series, Burlington’s Director of Sustainability Jennifer Green and her guests will be sharing ways we can all reduce our energy usage for heating, driving, and everything else we plug in.



Equity In The Community – Ita Meno

In commemoration of Asian American pacific Islander Heritage Month, we speak with Ita Meno, an Indigenous Islander of the CHamoru diaspora, and BED’s first ever Project & Equity Analyst. They bring over a decade of experience working for the City of Burlington (CEDO and the Department Permit & Inspections) to help us bring a fresh perspective to our department’s work and to their work with CQ Strategies. Ita is helping us reach all of our customers including those who may not be able to switch to various Net Zero Energy technologies right now.

CVOEO | Virginie Diambou

Virginie Diambou, CVOEO’s Racial Equity Director, speaks about the organization’s stated mission to “address fundamental issues of economic, social, racial, and environmental justice” and, specifically, the successes they’ve had in their weatherization program.

The Soda Plant | Steve Conant

Steven Conant, owner of The Soda Plant complex on Pine Street talks about the history of the Soda Plant, today’s diverse assortment of businesses and organizations, and his efforts to reduce fossil fuel usage throughout. Renovations began in 2018 to insulate, weatherize, add heat pump. What’s next?

Old Spokes Home | Jon Copans

Biking is the most energy efficient way for people to get around. Executive Director of Old Spokes Home Jon Copans talks about their mission to make bikes more accessible and affordable for all Burlingtonians and how Old Spokes Home is helping us achieve our Net Zero Energy goal.