Net Zero Energy Podcast


The City of Burlington, Vermont’s goal is to reduce, and eventually eliminate, fossil fuel usage. In this podcast series, Burlington’s Director of Sustainability Jennifer Green and her guests will be sharing ways we can all reduce our energy usage for heating, driving, and everything else we plug in.



Burlington Architect Jesse Beck

Burlington Architect Jesse Beck discusses his unique house in Burlington — that his wife calls “the boxcar on stilts” — and how they’re “cutting the pipe” and transitioning it to Net Zero Energy. Jesse also shares his work with the Burlington 2030 District, a private/public partnership working to reduce building energy consumption. Jesse and Jennifer also talk about the City of Burlington Historic Buildings’ Path to Net Zero Energy guide.

Passive House – Arthur Chukhman

Arthur Chukhman specializes in Passive House which is a standard for constructing homes with ultra-low energy use for heating and cooling. Arthur built and lives in Burlington’s first passive house located in the Old North End. Even if this level of efficiency isn’t possible for you, there are so many individual ideas and strategies we can take away from the standard and apply to our own homes.

Mobility in Burlington – Jill Allen

Old Spokes Home’s Transportation Equity Coalition works to address the biggest transportation equity challenges in our city. Transportation is one of the main pillars of our transition away from fossil fuels and getting everybody on board regardless of income level is essential. So today, we’re talking with Jill Allen of the Old Spokes Home Transportation Equity Coalition about the group’s efforts and her experiences.

Drive Electric Vermont – Dave Roberts

Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more mainstream all the time. Though there are many advantages to driving electric – like lower fuel and maintenance costs – there are still some legitimate concerns. Today, I’m talking with David Roberts from Drive Electric Vermont about the state of EV technology and his own experiences with EVs.