SunCommon Takes “Drive Electric Pledge”

Along with BED, Urging Other Vermont Companies To Join Pledge To Switch To Green Driving

As the urgency of the current climate crisis escalates, local leading energy companies pledge to eliminate all fossil-fuel burning vehicles from their fleets. SunCommon, a leading solar provider based in Vermont and New York, today announced the launch of the Drive Electric Pledge – a commitment that both Green Mountain Power (GMP) and Burlington Electric Department (BED) have made in solidarity with SunCommon.

SunCommon is encouraging people and businesses alike to join this movement, and take the Drive Electric Pledge – meaning they pledge not to purchase or lease any fossil fuel burning vehicles as long as there are viable electric alternatives.

“As a mission driven solar company, we are dedicated to addressing the crisis our planet is in, and this is not a task that any one person or company can do alone,” said James Moore, Co-President and -Founder of SunCommon. “The Drive Electric Pledge is a rallying call for individuals and organizations across the region, and shows that we are getting closer to a fossil-fuel free future.”

GMP has already switched six light duty vehicles to all electric, a move expected to reduce carbon emissions by 48,000 pounds per year. “As the first utility B Corp, Green Mountain Power is committed to using energy as a force for good, while cutting carbon and costs for the customers we serve,” said Mary Powell, President and CEO of Green Mountain Power. “We will continue to go all electric, as it is a cost-effective way to drive and it also addresses the top source of carbon pollution in Vermont which is transportation. The only way we can make progress is to all work together, and this new green driving initiative is a great example of that.”

The impact specifically from SunCommon’s pledge includes replacing 42 medium-sized cars and SUVs with electric equivalents, and 29 trucks and vans, as soon as a viable electric option is available. Currently, SunCommon has eight fully electric vehicles in their fleet, with more to be added as existing leases expire.

“BED is proud to have already purchased two EVs for our vehicle fleet,” said Darren Springer, General Manager of Burlington Electric Department. “We also use electric lawn mowers and cold-climate heat pumps at our Pine Street offices. We are fully committed to buying electric every time we have the opportunity. Buying electric helps us support Burlington’s Net Zero Energy goal and keeps more of our dollars in the local economy.”

In Vermont, transportation accounts for nearly 45% of greenhouse gas emissions, which was addressed in Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan. The plan establishes a goal of increasing the share of renewable energy in the transportation sector to 10% by 2025, which translates to approximately 50,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) by 2025.

The launch of the Drive Electric Pledge coincides with National Drive Electric Week, as well as the much anticipated Global Climate Strike, that in Vermont includes various events and a large Climate Strike rally on September 20.

To make the Drive Electric Pledge or to learn more visit Suncommon.