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Ways to Save

Stay Cool

Home Cooling

Summer is finally here! The BED Energy Services team is here to help you reduce the amount of money you pay to stay comfortable during hot weather.

  • Cool & Inexpensive Tips
  • Get the most out of your current equipment
  • Find the most energy-efficient way to stay cool

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Save at Home

Ways to Save at Home

There are many steps you can take today and looking forward that can help save you money and lower your energy consumption.

  • Why are my energy bills high?
  • How much electricity do my appliances use?
  • How can I reduce my usage?

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Grow Indoors

Energy Efficient Growers' Guide

With the passage of Act 86 in Vermont, Burlington Electric Department expects increased energy demands due to personal cultivation of cannabis.

Growing your own cannabis requires many considerations, and some choices can significantly impact your energy bills. If growers keep energy efficiency in mind, they can keep the energy costs of growing lower.

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On-Bill Financing

Business customers have the option to finance energy efficiency improvements on their electric bill.
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Rebates & Incentives

BED offers incentives for purchasing certain energy efficient appliances for your home or business.
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Home Energy Audits

Our specialists can explain your energy bills, review your energy usage, and offer specific recommendations.
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Cold Climate Heat Pumps

A Cold Climate Heat Pump may be able to reduce your heating and cooling costs.
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Net Metering

Net Metering

A renewable energy installation that you own and is connected to your building and the electric grid.
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Improvements to your home can improve your energy efficiency and lower your energy bill.
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Our Energy Services Team can provide services that are ideal for residences, commercial spaces, and parking garages and exterior lights.

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