Burlington Electric, Vermont Gas Announce Major Milestone, New Goal in Energy Champ Challenge

Generous incentive program welcomed by Burlington building owners

Burlington, Vt. – The Burlington Electric Department (BED) and Vermont Gas Systems (Vermont Gas) announced today that their popular Energy Champ Challenge program, aimed at increasing energy efficiency in some of Burlington’s biggest residential rental units, has reached its goal of 50 scheduled energy audits.

BED and Vermont Gas partnered to roll out the Energy Champ Challenge Efficiency Program in June with the ambitious, preliminary goal of scheduling 50 audits by year’s end, and with the ultimate goal of encouraging rental landlords to install the recommended thermal and electric efficiency measures. As of today, 84 energy audits have been scheduled involving 48 different landlords, with even more in the queue. BED and Vermont Gas now are increasing the goal to 100 scheduled energy audits by the end of the year.

“This energy challenge is generating an enthusiastic response. We expected as many as 50 apartment building owners to respond, but the phones started ringing immediately, and we are now over 85 responses,” said Don Rendall, President and CEO of Vermont Gas. “This challenge by BED and Vermont Gas is going to help customers and renters save money, save energy, and prevent carbon emissions. This is a winning combination for Vermont’s clean energy future.”

Vermont Gas will cover 75% of all recommended weatherization upgrades, saving building owners thousands – and in some cases tens of thousands – of dollars in upfront improvement costs. Buildings can see a 20-30% reduction in energy consumption almost immediately after making improvements. In addition to upfront savings for property owners, these upgrades increase building values and lower utility costs for both owners and tenants. BED is offering all Energy Champ owners and renters electric efficiency toolkits, including LED light bulbs and advanced power strips, to further reduce energy consumption.

“Burlington customers continue to set the standard for energy efficiency, as multi-unit, residential building owners have stepped up to the plate and come out swinging,” said Neale Lunderville, General Manager of BED. “Lower bills for our customers, increased property values for property owners, reduced energy usage, and a good time accomplishing all these goals add up to a grand slam for energy efficiency.”

Lunderville’s baseball references pay tribute to the Lake Monsters’ beloved mascot, Champ, who generously has partnered with Vermont Gas and BED to lend his name to the Energy Champ Challenge.

“As a manager of more than 30 properties in and around the Burlington area, I was immediately interested in participating in this challenge,” said Jacob Hinsdale, of Hinsdale properties. “We have been working closely with the folks at Vermont Gas and BED to schedule our audits and upgrades systematically. I look forward to offering my tenants a more efficient home and lower energy bills.”

To learn more about the Energy Champ Challenge and find out how you can become an Energy Champ, visit www.energychamp.org or call 802.863.4511.