Burlington Electric’s 100 Percent Renewability Accomplishment Featured Internationally in Connection with Paris Climate Change Conference

Burlington, VT – The Burlington Electric Department (BED) and its 100 percent renewably-sourced power accomplishment have been featured internationally in connection with the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris. Broadcasts in France, Canada, and the United States have aired over the past week, and one in South Korea aired this past summer.

The media coverage included productions by the following media brands:

  • The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) aired a story on August 22, 2015. KBS is the leading public service broadcaster and one of the largest networks in South Korea and operates multiple television, radio, and online channels both in South Korea and internationally.
  • RMC Découverte, a French television cable network, aired a story on December 8, 2015 produced by KeepInNews Agency , based both in Paris and New York, that can be viewed here. The story featured not only BED, but also the Solar Impulse, a solar airplane in the middle of the first round-the-world flight, and deforestation in Brazil. The segment on BED begins at 6:23..
  • Fusion, “the media brand for a young, diverse and inclusive world,” published a story on December 9, 2015 . This story explores communities across the world that have taken significant steps toward renewability, sustainability, and clean energy to help offset the impacts of climate change and features Burlington, Vermont, Dardesheim, Germany, and Dharnai, India.
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, known as CBC/Radio-Canada, aired a broadcast on December 9, 2015 . CBC/Radio-Canada is a Canadian crown corporation serving as both the national public radio and television broadcaster.

“We are proud to be a national and international leader in renewable generation,” said Neale Lunderville, BED General Manager. “Having a portfolio of clean, renewable power represents a significant component of our energy future and not only helps in the crucial fight against climate change, but also increases our energy security by protecting us from variations in the fossil fuel market. Local power is resilient power, keeping our energy dollars in Vermont, while holding electric rates low and stable, welcome news for the residents and business owners of Burlington.”